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St Margaret of Scotland Youth Group


Since 1976 the St. Margaret Of Scotland Youth Group have answered the call of Our Lady and gone to Lourdes to work with the sick pilgrims on the Glasgow archdiocesan pilgrimage.

Each year over 80 young people give up their summer holiday to go to Lourdes to work in the hospitals, to get out of bed early, to push wheelchairs, pull ‘voitures’ and assist the elderly and the infirmed, moreover, they have to pay for this privilege. They have come for many reasons, but all of them have an overwhelming desire to do some good.

There is something special about the St. Margaret of Scotland Youth Group – something you can’t quite put your finger on – but undoubtedly, something quite remarkable. In Lourdes, they give their all to help those less fortunate than themselves and they do so in their own inimitable fashion. They bring energy, their enthusiasm, their sense of responsibility – in essence, they bring their youth! For that wonderful week in Lourdes they shoulder someone else’s burden and over the years, have touched many lives.

It has been said that Lourdes is ‘Love In Action’ and the collective aim of the youth group is to make that statement a reality during its seven day pilgrimage.

In addition, the lives of the many young people have been enriched by the experience. They learn much about dignity, respect and courage from those they come into contact with during our pilgrimage. The group are not saints, just committed young people who want to help others by giving their best.


Donating has never been easier. Simply text LRDS16 £(amount) to 70070. Donating at your fingertips!!!!


From sponsored runs to quiz nights. Hill climbs to coffee mornings, the SMSYG have had every fundraiser under the sun. Look at our News feed or our Facebook for more info and come along and support us at one of our events.


SC029806 is our official charity number. We sometimes need this number for our sponsored events or to prove we are a charity if organisations would like to donate prizes for example.


SMSYG's Latest News


8th and 15th of December

Its that time of year again ladies...The SMSYG Ladies Lunches are back and once again we need all your continued support in making these lunches the best ever. With a Christmas inspired lunch, festive stalls and our handsome boys in kilts, all for £30, start you festive activities with the SMSYG.


May 4th 2019

Our Annual Charity Dinner this year will be the 4th of May 2019 and together with all of your kindness and generosity we hope to make it as successful as  past years. But we need you. Get in contact if you would like a table.

Easy Fundraising...

We are now part of

If you download this app to your phone/tablet we can get donations from most of the biggest retailers directly to the Youth Group every time you purchase something online! It's really easy and costs you nothing!



Christmas Handbag Appeal

The SMSYG reached out to all you lovely ladies last Christmas to help with our appeal. We asked for you to dig out a hangbag you didnt need and fill it with basic toiletries that every woman needs but cant afford to buy. We amazingly received over 200 bags from you all and proudly donated these to a homeless shelter in Paisley, Coatbridge Foodbank and other very deserving charities. We will be continuing this appeal at the Ladies Lunches this year again. We hope all can help where they can.


Glasgow Lourdes Pilgrimage 2018

The official Archdiocese of Glasgow Pilgrimage will begin on the 13th of July 2018 and will end on the 20th of July 2018. With more than 200 sick, youth, helpers, nurses and clergy Lourdes 2018 will be as ever a very special and memorable week for all involved. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to get involved in either fundraising for Lourdes or if you would like to be a part of our Lourdes journey.


Here are some words from some of our youth explaining how they feel about Lourdes...

MARC "...memories make it special..."


"What makes a place special isn't necessarily its geography, the weather or the amount of time you've spent there. Memories make it special; of the people you've met, the moments you've shared and the shared bond you have.
This is why Lourdes is such an amazing place for me. When I go back it's like I've never been away. The peace I can have just from being there, the simplicity of life and the sheer amount of fun we have is consuming. It holds a most special place in my heart"

CATHERINE "...helping other people's lives..."


"The thing that makes lourdes so special is that it's the only place in the world that can epitomise one thing; helping other people's lives, and in turn; completely change yours for the better"x

HAYLEY ", faith and fun..."


"Lourdes is a place of miracles. They happen every day, giving people strength and hope, through the friendships that are made and the love, faith and fun that is shared. It is truly unique and special place and I am so privileged to be part of it."

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Interested in getting involved with St Margaret of Scotland Youth Group and discovering more about our work? Contact us today and see how of a difference you could make.

80 Springcroft Crescent,
Glasgow, G69 6SB

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